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System Memory Upgrade View

Dell > Precision Workstation > Precision Workstation 690 / 690n

System Memory Configuration
Standard Memory: 1GB removable
Maximum Memory: 16GB (750W Chassis)
32GB (1KW Chassis)
Expansion Slots/Banks: 8 slots (2 banks of 4) 750W Chassis
16 slots (8 banks of 2) 1KW Chassis
Comments/Notes: Memory may be installed in sets of two or four DIMM modules. For Quad Channel operation (optimum performance), memory kits may be installed in pairs and all four sticks must be the same capacity.

Memory Upgrade Options for Precision Workstation 690 / 690n

Alpha P/N Description Price Qty Order
2GB DDR2-667, Fully Buffered ECC Memory for Dell $57.50
4GB DDR2-667, Fully Buffered ECC Memory for Dell $91.50